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DI solito i risultati non sono mai quelli che uno si aspetta, ed invece stavolta....  

Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

You are Charlotte. Fairytales were made for you. You've had your share of heartbreak, but that doesn't stop you from opening your heart to others and searching for your happily-ever-after. To some, you may appear naive and your romantic ideals far-fetched, but you know that someday, your Prince will come.
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Ecco, questo me l'aspettavo meno....

Which Heroes Character Are You?

You are Peter. You're too sincere, but it works for you. Your family is very supportive despite your idealism.
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Questo non sapevo cosa sarebbe venuto, ma il risultato mi piace!

Which Female Action Hero Are You?

You are Princess Leia. You are down-to-earth and stick to a rigid sense of ethics. Nerds may lust over you, but everyone looks to you for your grounded logic and intellect.
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Kit 20/03/2008 10:10

Fico anche Hiro! É giapponese, non poteva non piacermi!

GreenWitch 19/03/2008 15:49

Noooo che fico! Sei Peter Petrelli! Il mio personaggio preferito... Io invece sono uscita Hiro!!!!